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Locksmith Puyallup origins go back to the late 70’s, when the plan “Puyallup on the Move” was set in motion by the chamber of commerce committee. The idea consisted in modifying the city’s routes to make them converge in a central area, and creating a shopping center to develop the economy and attract more people. At the time, we were freelance locksmiths with no certification whatsoever, but had a lot of experience, and decided to participate in our town´s improvement efforts by opening an agency in 1980, offering our services to the new business owners. We got a lot of loyal customers, as we installed the locks and doors for the Hi Ho Shopping Center and were there for our dear citizens in dark moments like when fire consumed the Kalles Junior High school in 1981; we took part in the restoration process and proposed an original and clever emergency exit framework. Two years later we completed our certification process and got even more long term clients and strategic relationships with other businesses. During the next decades we improved our service portfolio to include new products as a result of the technological advances and the advent of the electronic locks and keyless access control systems. Our earnings increased, and we managed to expand to nearby residential areas and with the acquisition of a fleet of vans we began our 24/7 emergency service. The arrival of the 21st century brought new challenges, and competition is ferocious in a suburban Puyallup, where security plays a major role in the comfort of citizens and entrepreneurs. But we stand unbowed against all odds as the most hired security provider in the area. We have the expertise, the knowledge, and the technology. It is not easy to beat that.
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